University of Pennsylvania Library
2004 Quality/Impact Survey.  Service Priorities
User Priorities Along Five Service Dimensions   [The dimensions are ranked from 1 (highest) to 5 (least) important]
Question 26: To help us plan for the future, rank the following aspects of library service from most to least important
Service Dimension All Faculty Grad/Prfl Ugrad
n  3,294 n  634 n  1,506 n  1,154
Information 26A. Information resources, including books, journals, databases, and visual media in print and electronic form 1 1 1 1
Staff 26C. Knowledgeable staff who aid my teaching, study, and research needs 2 3 2 2
Technology 26D. Provision and support for information technologies, for example the search tools found on the Library web site and Courseware 3 2 3 4
Training 26B. Educating users to access and evaluate information effectively 4 4 4 5
Place 26E. Study and teaching facilities, such as seminar rooms and group study spaces 5 5 5 3