Penn Library Service Quality and Impact Study/2004

Please answer the following

N1. Have you used a database such as Lexis/Nexis or an e-journal from a site you have not paid for or personally subscribed to? Yes No
N2. As a faculty member have you offered a Library instruction session in a course during the past six months; or as a student have you attended a Library instruction session at Penn in the past six months? Yes No
N3. Has your academic work at Penn required you to use Library resources? Yes No

N4. Where do you find information needed in your academic work? (check all that apply)
My personal collection of books, periodicals, or electronic subscriptions
Google or some other Internet search engine
A library other than Penn's
Text books and course packs
My colleagues, advisors, or faculty
Other, specify

Tell us why you are not a library user.
(Enter up to 300 words)


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