Perm_Location Inventory Report
Data Farm

The inventory report is an item-by-item survey of books in specific Voyager locations. Data elements are: permanent location, item ID, barcode, call number, bib ID, title, author, publication date, publisher, language, ISSN, ISBN, series, item type, copy number, item create date and historical charge count. Depending on the type chosen (circulation data or item status), the report will also include a year-by-year circ count with current circulation date (if in use at the time of report), or item status(es).

Locations listed with an asterisk (with item counts in excess of 150,000) will require you to fill in a call number parameter (LC class). For locations with inventories below this threshold, a call number parameter is optional.

As the reports usually require a lengthy processing period, Data Farm will notify you by email when and where to pick up your output on the web. Output files are in one or more delimited text files, depending on the number of lines they contain.

Report Type:
Item Details with Circulation Data
Item Details with Item Status
LC Call Number Class: First LC call letter only. Required for locations with an asterisk.
Location: Choose one location.