Use of Library Photocopiers and Printers

This page provides links to data measuring the use of photocopiers in campus Libraries. The data tables indicate how much copier use occurs within each Library, breaking down the location total by floor in the Van Pelt-Dietrich and the Biomedical Libraries, our two largest facilities. The data also provide a demographic variable. Since we can recover population factors only from transactions that involve the use of Penn cards, the demographic breakdowns are incomplete. Copies made with coins, VTS or courtesy cards, and departmental copier cards--which account for the largest percentage of copy activity--have no link to patron information.

Printer statistics are also presented in terms of demographic categories. The "other" category on these data tables includes 1) individuals whose demographic characteristics cannot be recovered from university id sources, 2) courtesy card transactions and 3) a small portion of copies made by academic departments.

Data on photocopy use begins with January 2001. Printer use data begins with March 2001.