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This space is open to staff who wish to contribute statistical analyses pertaining to Library usage, performance or outcomes. The Depository is a venue for exploring Data Farm resources in more depth and detail than the summary tables on the site can offer. It is also a place where other kinds of statisticial information can be introduced to the site and shared with librarians for comment.

E-mail submissions for posting to Joe Zucca. Provide a brief description of the file to be included with the download link.

MPA Full Inventory [6/29/07]
XL file

Collection analysis: Pre-1923 Imprints

Library Assessment Conference Workshop handout
Tabloid in 2 files: Outside | Inside

Ejournal Use. Login Counts by Title, FY06
XL file

Preliminary 2005 ARL Ranks
Summary table with 5 variables

Post Redesign Browser Analysis
Summary (xl) | Sessions by browser and platform | Browser Support for Ajax

Van Pelt-RIS Larc Survey Project
Questionnaire (html)  |  Email Text (.txt)  | Diagram (gif)  
Preliminary Data (.ppt )   |   Diagram (ppt)

Van Pelt Circulation Daily Output Analysis FY05
Download raw data files in xl | view graph in html

ScholarlyCommons Collection Use February 1-March 312005
Descriptive Statistics by Collection    |    Distribution of Use (html)

Data Flow and Data Farm Table Space (5/05)
Open PPT file

Library Instructional Output - brief survey
2004 Summary (html) | 2004 Detail (html) | Ten-Year Trend (html)

Items in HDSF charged more than once (html)

Collection Management Report-Sample Output (html)

2005 Ivy+ Access Services Symposium - Data Farm Slides (html)

Analysis of Library Consultation Service FY2004
Staff time and cost analysis of reported consultations, data by type and patron status in Excel

Locker Key Analysis
Analysis supporting s tudents claim that demand for lockers is going unmet
Table 1: Use of locker keys by month, 8/2001-2/2005
Graph 1: Locker key circulation and overdues by month-trend

DF Extracts for bibliomining
File 1: Item holdings and circulation
File 2: E-resource accesses with domain, reseource and session IDs

Items added to B-H Classes in VPDLC
Item adds by class and year
Raw data files | 1998 |1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004

BorrowDirect Activity, 2003. Contributor: Bob Krall
Link to PowerPoint (2002) file

Use of Information Bases and E-Journals, Statistics from Count-Use and Proxy Sources for FY 2001

Contains data on on- and off-campus use of licensed resources, per capita use by school and university center, and use by various locations. Contributor: Joe Zucca.

Link to file in pdf format

Proxy Service Use by School and Department

This file has data on the number of e-journal and database log-ins from October 2000 through June 2001. Contributor: Mike Halperin.

Link to Proxy by School and Department, in Excel format

Fall 2000 Service Desk Study

To measure how desk services are used by Penn's twelve schools, the Library conduct s an annual census of who asks questions where. In 2000, data collection took place in four, one-week periods in October, November and early December. In addition to tracking the distribution of questions, the study data are use d to measure the quantitative relationships among desk questions, library visits and in-house use. Contributor: Joe Zucca.

Link to Service Desk Data, in pdf

Penn Library Circulation and Title Counts
Preliminary Data from the North American Title Count

This table provides a preliminary count of titles in LC call number ranges and compares those circulation for FY01. Contributor: Lauris Olson.

Link to NATC preliminary data in Excel format

Penn Library Facts 2003-2004
A compendium of statistics and other quantitative information about the Penn Libraries. Published annually by the office of the Vice Provost and Director of Libraries. Contributor: Joe Zucca.

Link to the Facts in pdf format