University of Pennsylvania Library     

Research & Instructional Services Outcomes Survey

1. We would like to know if the information covered in the session (for example, research tools, search strategies or specific resources) helped you with your research project?  Do you feel the session was...
very helpful    helpful    not too helpful   of no value

If the session was of little or no help, please tell us why, in a few words.

2. We would like to know if the session provided you knowledge or abilities that could be useful in the future.    As a result of the session do you feel better prepared to…     
(Check as many as apply)
Identify resources relevant to a field of study

Construct a search to find research material on a topic

Evaluate information I use in my research

Develop and produce a bibliography for a project

Carry out my future research effectively on my own
If none of the preceding cases apply, use the box below to tell us about skills you might have acquired.
3. Was the scheduling of the session convenient? Yes     No
4. How can our research services better meet student needs?