Data Farm Report
Van Pelt Circulation: Charges and Discharges by Week Day for FY05
Text Box: NOTES: Provide the number of checkouts and discharges from Van Pelt Circ (location 172) by day of the week for fy05.  Specifically for Fridays and Sundays compared with an average daily number.

Here are the basic queries for charge and discharge count my month and week day. 

Q1  select to_char(circ.charge_date, 'MM,DAY'),count(circ.circ_transaction_id)
from penndb.circ_trans_archive circ
where charge_date between '01-jul-2004' and '30-jun-2005'
and charge_location=172
group by to_char(circ.charge_date, 'MM,DAY')

(run Q1 against CT and combine the results in XL)

Q2 select to_char(circ.discharge_date, 'MM,DAY'),
from penndb.circ_trans_archive circ
where discharge_date between '01-jul-2004' and '30-jun-2005'
and charge_location=172
group by to_char(circ.discharge_date, 'MM,DAY')